Faulk Fired After Announcing Run For Prosecutor

A Grant County Deputy Prosecutor was fired Monday after announcing over the weekend that he intended to seek the Prosecutor’s job in the May Primary next year.

Rodney Faulk announced plans to seek the Republican nomination for Prosecutor in the Primary in May.  Yesterday, his boss and likely opponent in the Primary…current Prosecutor Jim Luttrull Junior…dismissed Faulk from his job as Deputy Prosecutor.

Luttrull was quoted by the “Chronicle-Tribune” as saying Faulk’s dismissal was due to a personnel issue.  Faulk had worked in the Prosecutor’s office for 22-years.

Luttrull last week announced that he would seek a fifth term as Prosecutor next year.


  • spring luckey

    wtf people now i really hate freaking Grant County < Marion matter in fact Indiana period , this my cousin whats dang wrong for my cousin to freaking try to step up on the ladder for a change hello you mfs needs to stop being petty af and grow you some adult hairs on balls and sleet shit far i will protect my cousin . he hasn't done shit to you all and never put his life to work and he liked his job , but maybe he thought he seen a future you mfs took away from him . what jerks and devils you are , if you get some GOD then you might be better off . otherwise you Grant County is shit but dirt under my feet and trash in the wastelands .

  • MistyH

    Jim Luttrell does stuff like this OFTEN. But, after this last year, while I have long supported and respected him as my former teacher, this last year has been UNACCEPTABLE, and I, like much of the city, am ready for a CHANGE! After how he mishandled Nancy Furst’s case, (the lady who was nearly killed and lost her legs after a guy driving drunk on a suspended license hit and ran her, got only home detention) then the way he has allowed my abusive stalker ex-husband LaMonte Henry to get away with stalking me on various occasions, then arresting me for driving down his alley when 27th st was closed for pothole repairs while coming on my regular route home from work, I can no longer support Luttrell. RODNEY FAULK FOR PROSECUTOR! TIME FOR A CHANGE!

    • Beverly May Ricks

      I know what you mean by that because my xhusband beet the tar out of me and when he went to jail it was only for a few days. I think he likes woman beeters and drug dealers

  • Ezzrath Baht Shem

    Typical Grant County hold a office for your personal gain type official, NEVER A THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT!!!! Rodney Faulk, a competent/CARING candidate for office holds and maintains a position as a prosecutor for well over twenty years. The minute he runs for office he’s no longer a good employee and the asshole James Luttrull who claims this LIE is too incompetent to know how stupid he looks.