Judge Denies London Witte Group Motion To Dismiss

A judge has denied a motion that would have allowed the former financial advisory group for the city of Marion to be freed from the city’s ongoing lawsuit over renovations to the old Grant County Y-M-C-A Building and the use of tax money for the project.

The London Witte Group was named in the suit by the city over financial control of Tax Increment Financing money that was used in the old Y project.  Bonds financed by TIF money were used in the project and the city wants the money returned because the work wasn’t completed.

City officials claim the London Witte Group knew money in the bonds was used for personal expenses instead of work on the project, but did nothing about it and never informed the city about the mis-use of the funds.

The Witte Group claims it did nothing wrong and should be freed from the lawsuit, but that request was denied.

The suit can now move forward.