Judge Asked To Combine Old YMCA Suits

A Grant County judge is being asked to combine the lawsuits filed by the city of Marion in connection with the failed renovation of the old Grant County Y-M-C-A building and the use of tax money to do so.

According to the “Chronicle-Tribune,” the London Witte financial Group has asked the judge to merge the suits into one before it can proceed.  The judge is considering the request.

That includes suits against the London Witte Group, First Farmers Bank and Trust, the estate of the late Developer Michael An and his main contractor, Chad Seybold…the brother of former Mayor Wayne Seybold.

The groups and individuals were all part of the plans several years ago to use Tax Increment Financing money to fund bonds for the renovation of the old Y.  The work was started, but never finished.  The city wants the tax money back because the work wasn’t finished and because much of it was spent on items other than those involved with the renovation.