Chad Seybold Wants Another New Judge In Lawsuit

One of the defendants in the ongoing lawsuit between the City of Marion and developers who were working to renovate the old Grant County Y-M-C-A building wants another new judge to hear the case.

Chad Seybold…the project manager for the effort that was begun but never finished using bonds financed by city TIF money…says Judge Warren Haas should step away from the case because he has ties to several people involved in the case.  Seybold’s attorneys have filed paperwork claiming Judge Haas is neighbors with one person involved with the case and ties with two others through various civic organizations.

Judge Haas took over the case when other judges stepped aside or refused to take the case.  The “Chronicle-Tribune” reports that Seybold’s attorneys want Judge Haas to do likewise.

The case seeking re-imbursement of the city’s TIF money has been ongoing for more than a year and isn’t likely to go to trial until next year…even if Judge Haas stays on the case.  If a new judge is needed, the case could be deferred even longer.