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MPD: Elwood woman faces multiple charges after traffic stop

A 33-year-old Elwood woman now faces charges after a traffic stop where Marion police officers found narcotics, a handgun and a driver without a license.

Officer Mark Bonneau pulled over Kelli Hardebeck just after midnight on Monday for driving 75 mph in a 70 mph zone northbound on I-69, near mile marker 263.

Officer Bonneau requested her driver’s license, but Hardebeck instead handed over an Indiana ID card and stated she did not possess a license.

While speaking with Hardebeck, Officer Bonneau observed in plain view of the center console an Intractec 9mm, semi-automatic handgun in a nylon holster.

Hardebeck told Officer Bonneau that she believed the gun to be a BB or pellet gun, which she purchased for $100. Hardebeck added that she didn’t have an Indiana handgun license.

She was then removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest for carrying a handgun without a license.

Officer Bonneau proceeded to conduct an inventory of the vehicle for a tow, and located the following items:

A Weighmax digital scale with a white powdery residue on it, a clear, plastic, zip-lock style bag with a small amount of white powdery substance.

A set of keys that were in the ignition contained a black, metal pill container. Inside of the container was a blue straw, cut at an angle, as well as a plastic bag that contained a rock-like crystalline substance, an orange, unmarked and a bottle of pills that were later identified as Quetiapine fumarate 100mg tablets.

Hardebeck reported that she didn’t have a prescription for the above medications.

Hardebeck also told the officer she had a “bubble” in her bra, meaning some sort of glass smoking device.

Adding that she had used methamphetamine within the last 6 hours. At that time, she was transported to Marion General Hospital.

Upon arrival to MGH Hardebeck was transported to the emergency room where she was removed from her cuffs for treatment.

After being cleared safe, Hardebeck was then transported to the Grant County Jail.

Hardebeck now faces charges of: Dealing in Methamphetamine (Level 2 Felony), Carrying a Handgun without a License (Level 5 Felony), two counts of Possession of a Legend Drug (Level 6 Felony), Maintaining a Common Nuisance (Level 6 Felony) and Possession of paraphernalia (Class C Misdemeanor).

Also inside the vehicle was 18-year-old Chad Burnett, of Elwood, who was released and not charged with a crime.

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