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Eclipse -a – Palooza


🌑✨ Witness the Celestial Dance: Eclipse on April 8th at Ballard Field! ✨🌑

🗓️ Mark your calendars for April 8th! Ballard Field is set to be the stage for a mesmerizing cosmic event: a celestial ballet of the Sun, Moon, and Earth – an eclipse!  The event is free and goes from 1pm-5pm.  It is hosted by Historic Marion.

🌞 This rare phenomenon occurs when the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow over our world. As daylight dims and the sky transforms, immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of a solar eclipse.

📍 Join us at Ballard Field, with live music with the Barstool Bandits, Hive Mind Market, and our own Jim Brunner giving a play-by-play of the eclipse.  Bring your friends, family, and curious minds to witness this wondrous display of the universe’s grandeur.

🔭 Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or simply appreciate the marvels of nature, this eclipse promises to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the cosmos and marvel at the wonders of our universe.

🌌 You can find out about all the events here. Let’s gather together and gaze skyward as we await the celestial spectacle on April 8th at Ballard Field! 🌠

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