Good Morning Grant County Guests

Thursday, October 21st

6:45: Grant County Councilman Mike Roorbach

7:10: Marion Police Chief Angela Haley

7:35: Carey Services news with Brandi Foreman, vice president of disability services and Mark Hunt, durable medical equipment and transportation manager

8:10: Jennifer Vermilion, director, Gas City-Mill Township Public Library

8:35: Paul and Shayona Funches (owners of a new local business, Vintage Soul Wine and Cigar)


Friday, October 22nd

7:10: Marion School Board President Serafina Salamo

7:35: Tom Luzadder with “Let My Light Shine”

8:10: Grant County Sheriff Reggie Nevels

8:35: Grant County Veterans’ Service Officer Brad Hodson


Monday, October 25th

6:35: Grant County Historian Bill Munn (“Moments in Grant County History”)

8:10: “Giant” Talk

8:35: “Rural Table” with Wendy Puffer


Tuesday October 26th

7:10: District 31 State Representative Ann Vermilion

7:35: Ivy Tech Chancellor Alex Huskey

8:10: Talk of Marion

8:35: Joy Frecker, Marion Philharmonic Orchestra


Wednesday, October 27th

7:10: Victoria Herring with the Indiana Department of Agriculture

8:10: 5th District Congresswoman Victoria Spartz


Thursday, October 28th

7:10: Marion General Motors Plant Manager Doug Hanly

8:10: CASA of Grant County update

8:35: Jay Jackson (computer-related information)


Friday, October 29th

7:10: Marion Mayor Jess Alumbaugh

7:35: Mayor Alumbaugh

8:10: Marion Health Nursing Director Cindy Futrell

8:35: Madison Grant United Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Scott Deetz