Good Morning Grant County Guests

Monday, July 26th

6:35: Grant County Historian Bill Munn (“Moments in Grant County History”)

7:35: Wayne Seybold talking about Olympics

8:10: “Giant” Talk with Dr. Brad Lindsay and Dr. David Moore (Marion Community Schools’ protocol for COVID 19)

8:35: Wendy Puffer with “Rural Table”


Tuesday, July 27th

7:10: District 31 State Representative Ann Vermilion

8:10: “Talk of Marion” featuring Jim McKinney with the Marion Municipal Airport

8:35: Tami Silverman, President and CEO, Indiana Youth Institute (Children and Racism: The Importance of Age-Appropriate Discussion and Support)


Wednesday, July 28th

7:10: Victoria Herring with the Indiana Department of Agriculture

7:35: Architect Mike Halstead (grand opening of Ridley Tower)

8:10: 5th District Congresswoman Victoria Spartz

8:35: Sherri Turner, Duane Church (Sunnycrest-Westlea neighborhood association news and Cardinal Greenway updates)



Thursday, July 29th

7:35: Scott Smith, Greg Maynard with the Marion Lions Club

8:10: First United Methodist Church Senior Pastor Wesley Rediger

8:35: Kayla Johnson, Marion Police Captain Amber Richards (Marion’s National Night Out event August 3rd)


Friday, July 30th

8:10: Grant County Sheriff Reggie Nevels

8:35: Chris Davis, Network Indiana News Director (previews a special Network Indiana is doing on the Miami Indians tribe)