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New Deadline Set For Seybold To Turn Over Documents

A judge has set a new deadline for the former Project Manager on the Old Grant County Y-M-C-A Renovation Project to turn over documents that have been requested in the lawsuit by the city of Marion.

The city has sued the estate of the late developer Michael An and Chad Seybold, who was the project manager for what was to bew a full renovation of the old Y building.  That work was started in 2010 with bonds financed by Tax Increment Financing money from the city, but the work was stopped a year later and never completed.  The city is suing to get the money back.

Though he has been ordered several times to turn over documents relating to the work, Seybold has refused…citing his Fifth Amendment rights.  An earlier judge rejected that argument.

Now, “The Chronicle-Tribune” reports that Judge Warren Haas has set a deadline of June first for Seybold to turn over documents relating to the case or Seybold could face Contempt of Court charges.


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