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Car Thieves Arrested In Marion

Marion Police say the arrest of two men may have cleared up several recent car thefts, including one in which a thief drove off in a stolen car with one of the victims still inside the vehicle.

Saturday night, a Marion couple gave a ride to a young man asking for a ride.  After getting inside the car, the suspect shoved the driver out of the vehicle and took off with a woman still inside.  The suspect stopped a couple of blocks later and let the woman out unharmed and drove off.

Sunday, Police stopped a vehicle after it had been reported stolen and arrested the driver…24-year old Daniel Christie of Marion.  He faces numerous charges including Auto Theft and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Police also captured another man following a report of a stolen vehicle and a pursuit across the city.  Police finally stopped 22-year old Kemuel Shem of Marion and charged him with numerous crimes, including Strong Armed Robbery and other charges.

Police believe the incidents may be linked.

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