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Indiana’s minimum wage will stay put for now. Lawmakers at the statehouse rejected an amendment late last week to the state budget that would have raised Indiana’s minimum wage to eight-dollars and 50-cents per hour. The current minimum wage is 7-25. Democrat State Representative Cherrish Pryor of Indianapolis said on the House floor that Indiana is behind other states on the issue, saying that Indiana has not raised its minimum wage since 2008. She also said every other state in the union, except Kentucky has a higher minimum wage than Indiana.

The annual Help the Hopeful Auction in Marion over the weekend was again very successful as the organization works to help medically-challenged children from Grant County.

Saturday’s auction raised about 115-thousand dollars.  All of the money raised will go to local families who have children with serious medical challenges.  This year, 13 families will share in the proceeds from the Help the Hopeful auction.

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