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NM Historical Society to host mastodon talk

It’s been announced that on Monday, Aug. 12, the North Manchester Historical Society will host Luke Hunt as he presents his program, The Manchester Mastodont.

His presentation for the NM Historical Society focuses on an excavation which took place in 1990 when a construction crew unearthed a large tooth beneath Packerton Road northwest of North Manchester. Eventually, it was determined that the tooth and other remains found in the rubble belonged to a mastodon that lived in this area over 11,000 years ago. Hunt will be bringing several pieces from his private collection including teeth, partial tusks and vertebrae from the Lewis Mastodont.

The program will be held in the Assembly Room at Timbercrest Retirement Community, 2201 East Street, at 6:30 p.m.

The public is welcome to attend at no cost.

Luke Hunt is originally from northern Wisconsin and moved to Indiana to attend Grace Bible College and later received his Bachelor of Science degree from Manchester College; he also holds a Master’s degree from Saint Francis. Mr. Hunt has worked in area high schools as a biological and physical science instructor as well as a member of the adjunct faculty at Grace College.

Luke and his wife, Darlene, continue to live in the area and are the parents of three children and have six grandchildren.

Hunt has participated in numerous digs directed by the Indiana State Museum and has assisted in research projects in Alaska. He has authored several publications including; “Mastodont in the Classroom” and the “Lewis Mastodont” published by the Indiana Academy of Science.

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