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Scientists discover ‘Super Earth’ more than a hundred light years away

Scientists have discovered a “Super Earth” that they say has the right ingredients to support life.

Planet K2-19b, which is located about 110 light-years away, has some things in common with the planet we call home, says Dr. Angelos Tsiaras.

It’s the only planet outside our solar system that we know has the correct temperature, an atmosphere and water,” according to Dr. Tsiaras.

Although K2-19b was discovered in 2015, researchers haven’t been able to determine the condition of its environment until now.

While it boasts Earth-like conditions, there are some differences. K2-19b is twice as big and eight times heavier than Earth, scientists say. Plus, it’s a lot closer to its sun; so close, it takes just 33 days to circle it.

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