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Two juveniles charged with battery on a police officer at Marion, Mississinewa football game

Two sixteen-year-olds are now facing several charges after being belligerent with public safety officials.

The incident happened last Friday during the Mississinewa versus Marion football game.

Brian Sharp, Safety Director of Marion Community Schools confronted one of the juveniles for disruptive behavior and requested he leave the school grounds.

The juvenile refused to leave and began shouting obscenities towards Sharp. As Sharp began to place him under arrest, the juvenile physically resisted arrest and was tased, according to Deputy Chief Stephen Dorsey.

As Det. Sgt. Mark StefenAtos assisted in the arrest, he was shoved from behind by another juvenile. Upon turning around, he witnessed a white male with shaggy hair standing there. The male saw that Stefanatos was, in fact, a police officer, at which time he took off running.

The male ran towards the baseball field and climbed the third base side fence and ran across the baseball field only to find that he was stuck inside the fencing. Marion Fireman, Tommy Pearce who was assisting officers walked the male to Stefanatos at which time he was then arrested for battery on a police officer.

The two now face charges of battery on a police officer, resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct.


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