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Indiana public school grades are in. Here’s how Grant County performed:

Grades for Indiana’s public schools have come in on the state’s latest report card.

About 85 percent of public schools in the state received a C or better. While about a third earned an A grade and about another third earned a B grade.

Here’s a quick break down for how our five Grant County public school’s performed:

Marion Community Schools: C
Eastbrook Community Schools Corp: B
Madison-Grant United School Corp: B
Mississinewa Community School Corp: B
Oak Hill United School Corp: B

For a more in-depth breakdown, here’s how each individual school performed.

Eastbrook South Elementary: C
Eastbrook North Elementary: C
Eastbrook High School: A
Eastbrook Junior High School: B
Madison-Grant Jr./Sr. High School: B
Park Elementary School: C
Summitville School: C
Mississinewa High School: A
R J Baskett Middle School: C
Westview Elementary School: C
Northview Elementary School: C
Justice Thurgood Marshall Intermediate: D
Marion High School: B
John L McCulloch Junior High School: F
Allen Elementary School: B
John W Kendall Elem School: C
Riverview Elementary School: A
Frances Slocum Elem School: B
Oak Hill Junior High School: B
Swayzee Elementary School: B
Oak Hill High School: A
Converse Elementary School: B
Sweetser Elementary School: B

Those that didn’t score well don’t have to worry about being punished for their poor performance.

Lawmakers voted to hold schools harmless because of issues with the state’s standardized test.

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