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Huntington Co. pastor charged after an alleged attempt to steal woman’s money

A Huntington County pastor was arrested and is being accused of swindling money from a woman.

Scott E. Nedberg, 68, a pastor at Warren United Church of Christ in Warren, told a woman he could have charges for her son dismissed or receive a reduced sentence for $8,000.

WANE-TV said the claim began when the woman told a local attorney, he called Huntington County Prosecutor Amy Richison, and gave the woman an audio recorder to record her and the pastor’s conversation.

In the recording, the pastor said he would make sure the case is shoved under other cases and never filed, or that her son goes to rehab.

He claimed the money would be going to the Huntington County Sheriff’s Department, the county prosecutor’s office and the county probation department.

Police worked with the woman to set up a meeting to drop off the $2,000. Nedberg told police he was in so much debt he was about to lose everything.

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